Kings Road Cafe

When we first moved to LA, Abe and I often ate at Kings Road Cafe – it was a perfect spot for NYC transplants, because the outdoor area is often packed.


Haven’t been back in almost seven years until I met up with Sarah this afternoon – we sat indoors, where it was a lot quieter (but a possible celeb sighting got me very excited!)


I ordered one of their muffins – apple cinnamon, toasted.


No butter (but I dig the name of this farm).


These pix (and groundbreaking site) – check it out for foodie inspiration.


Right after we parted ways, I heard the news about the Boston Marathon. My heart goes out to everyone there.

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7 thoughts on “Kings Road Cafe

  1. Moni Meals & Fitness

    No way! Kings Road is one of our favorites! I use to live over in Beverly Hills and would go all the time and bring our doggies too. Now living on the West Side, I do not go very much. My husband on the other hand…well, he will fight 1 hour traffic for the coffee especially for a mocha! (they really are the best over there!) I agree with you…yum on the muffins!

    Thanks for reminding me how much I like it there. 🙂

    and…Boston, yes… is just so upsetting. ;(

  2. Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating

    Luckily, everyone that I know that went into Boston yesterday to watch/run is fine. But it’s just so awful, I can’t believe that people do these things to each other! 🙁

    On a more positive note, TasteSpotting sounds like a cool idea.

  3. Maha Khan

    Very Sad about Boston and other places where innocents continue to suffer. I’ve never tasted this muffin. hmmmm I can go muffin hunting in England now

  4. she

    You’re friend with Sarah Gim?!
    If she ever casually mentions she is looking for a new, fabulous, local employee….I’m your girl!

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