Cooks County

Cooks County has been on my to-eat list since it opened. We finally made plans to meet there with Emily and Alex this morning.


At 11am, the place was already beginning to fill up with brunch-ers. I made a reservation, so our table was ready and waiting when we arrived.



Both Abe and Emily got identical breakfasts…


…fried eggs with chickpeas, yogurt, harisa, grilled olive bread…


…and double orders of Cheddar Buttermilk biscuits.


(Pork for the lady.)


It may appear that Alex and I went twins-y too…


…but this was actually a mistake – so we got an extra Brioche French Toast on the house!


I had two pieces while waiting for my order to be cooked…


…plus a few bites of Abe’s egg-cellent dish and biscuits.


Finally, my Baked Pancake joined the party!


Served with the same condiments – strawberry-rhubarb jam and bourban-barrel maple syrup.


I gave away tastes to everyone…


…turns out I actually preferred the freebie – been on a french toast kick lately.


All in all, I really thought the food here was excellent, and can’t wait to come back for dinner sometime.

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  • Cindy

    French toast is a fave of mine that I typically make once a week. There is a restaurant here that makes it out of Bimini bread, which is a sugar nirvana breakfast.

  • Lisa

    That French toast looks divine! I’ve bookmarked Cooks Country in Yelp to try. Thanks!

  • Shelly

    Yum! I have been wanting to go there! After seeing these pictures I will have to get over there sooner than later :)

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      If I lived within walking distance I’d be there every day!

  • Emily

    Yummmm…looking at these photos is making me salivate and wish we brought home leftovers!