Rita’s of South Bay

Even though we spent all of Sunday driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles, Abe and I got back into the car that same night…


…all to go to a strip mall and eat dessert.


But not just ANY frozen treat – this is RITA’S WATER ICE – which made my Philadelphia-born hubby very, very happy.


You’re probably wondering (much like I was 16 years ago) what in the world is “Water Ice?”


It’s not Italian Ice. It’s not shaved ice. It’s not Fluff Ice. It’s not a slushy. It’s not ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt. It’s WOODER ICE. It’s unique. It’s Philadelphia. It’s creamy. It’s icy. It’s cold. It’s so delicious we drove an additional 2 hours and stood in line for it too!


Luckily, it was all free, AND they were handing out samples!


I devoured four…




…plus a few Pretzels pieces too!


Not from Philly, but still very, very good.


While waiting in line, we had plenty of time to look over the menu…



…I decided on a Blendini – their take on a Blizzard/Twister.


Tried two non-fruity ice flavors – Birthday Cake + Cookies N Creme…


…decided to go for the latter, with Reese’s Pieces mixed in + Chocolate Custard (<—soft serve).


Also had a bite of Abe’s creation – he’s a purist and went with a classic Gelati combo of Lemon Water Ice + Vanilla Custard.


By the way, both of us were freezing our butts off, tired from all the travel, and got brain freeze but really didn’t care. We were so happy…


…thanks to Jacob and Josh for bringing Abe’s childhood to the west coast AND inviting us to the opening!

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  • http://lisalaughs.wordpress.com Lisa

    My parents live mere minutes from Redondo! I WILL try this when I go back home to visit. Thanks for post!

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Enjoy! Lemme know what you think.

  • Shell Lewis

    I grew up back east…Cali transplant and I have such great memories walking down to get some water ice! They use to close shop for “the season” and then open back up in spring! Can’t wait to check it out

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Isn’t it great we’ll get it year round? I have no idea why it took this long to catch on!

  • http://shannonigans.co Mr Lady

    I live in Phoenix, but was born in Philly also, and so yep, I’m pretty much driving there next week to get one. ZOMG a rita’s in LA!

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Ha! You’ll be doing the same trip we did on Sunday…

  • Lee

    hey Lynn as a Baltimore native and former Rita’s employee I have to just mention that by the looks of it what Abe got is a gelati (layers of ice and custard) not a misto (blended together like a milkshake)…sorry, but I didn’t wear that custard costume (totally serious) in 90 degree weather without learning the vernacular 😉

    Lovelovelove you/your blog, btw

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Ha ha ha. He told me the same thing. I’m going to fix it now!!!

  • Fat Fudge

    Is this in the same shopping center as Whole Foods? I’m going to have to check it out.

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      It is! We stopped by afterwards for my melon!