A Visit to the REAL Pollos Hermanos

After checking out of Little America Hotel, we cleaned all the dead bugs off our windshield…


…and drove another full day. The scenery on Route 40 was quite stunning.


Abe and I shared two energy bars on the way…


…and then stopped by the Dairy Queen at Bluewater Outpost for a Blizzard.


Split a large size of the month’s special flavor – Choco Covered Pretzel.



Thick, as advertised, but not nearly as good as Foster’s Freeze!


Next stop…another fast food joint. Does Twisters look familiar?


How about now???



Hint – I’m waiting for Gus.


Yup. We visited Pollos Hermanos – Abe and I are huge Breaking Bad fans, so this was romance, personified.


FYI – they don’t serve fried chicken…


…but Abe said the veggie taco he had was really, really good!



8 thoughts on “A Visit to the REAL Pollos Hermanos

  1. Jan schifter

    Happy Anniversary weekend Lynn. Abe looks straight outta Breaking Bad in that picture! Enjoy!

  2. Emily

    It looks like you two are having so much fun!
    I can’t even remember the last time I had a blizzard but that chocolate-covered pretzel flavor is calling my name…

    1. k

      Seriously! It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve had a Blizzard, but chocolate-covered pretzel? I’m wondering if all Dairy Queens have the same flavor of the month, or if the franchises are self-regimenting with decisions like that. We have a DQ about twenty miles away and I’m thinking of trying to convince my husband to do a random mini-trip after work today! 🙂 Either that or make a milkshake with those flavors at home. My husband isn’t doesn’t blink twice anymore when he sees me making smoothies with parsley and avocado or bananas and peanut butter anymore, but tossing pretzels into the blender might be pushing it! :p Although he was always the one who was the ice cream/milkshake lover in our college years! …Yeah, I’ve convinced myself, making this tonight!

      1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

        To be honest – it wasn’t so great – I’d recommend a DIY version and throwing in your OWN pretzels!

  3. Elizabeth @ SugarHero.com

    This is rad! You look so hardcore at the table. I can’t believe they don’t serve fried chicken, though–total missed opportunity.

    Did you happen to buy some blue meth rock candy while you were there?

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      I was really tempted to stop at the donut shop where they sell blue meth ones but alas – we didn’t have time!

  4. Eva

    Wow, this looks so cool! Me and my fiancé are huge fans too. But yeah, I agree with Elizabeth, I would have expected them to do a total rebranding, serve Breaking Bad themed food and change their name to attract more tourists! Looks cool though, I bet the large factory with the underground meth lab was just behind, out of the pictures 😉

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