Holy Sundae

Ahhh! Enjoyed an amazing in-room massage by Lydia Safina…


…then snacked on what was left of the fruit platter – had to use tongs/washcloth because there was no silverware in the room!


Refreshed, Abe and I took a breathtaking drive to Chimayo…




…where we visited El Santuario de Chimayo, a Roman Catholic church…


…famous for its healing, holy dirt.


They also have a place to eat!


Was beyond excited to see Frito Pie, which my friend Corita described as “Food of the Gods.”


Apparently this stuff was invented just down the street from my hotel, but Leona’s Restaurante had a vegetarian version.


So Abe got a few bites…


…but most of this baby was mine.


The only thing left on my Santa Fe food bucket list was Sopaipillas – unfortunately, I wasn’t hungry enough to wait an hour at all the restaurants nearby. And really, all I wanted was dessert.


On the walk over to the ice cream place, I saw that The Plaza Cafe had them, and look!!! Just look!!!


A miracle.



We also ordered and shared the Caramel Apple-Pecan Pie…


…which was not too shabby, either!


But back to our sundae – we both went gaga over these fried pillows of dough. Not quite as sweet as a donut, but the ice cream/whipped cream/syrup took care of that…


…those toppings came in handy for the pie crust as well!


Between my massage, the church, the drive, and all the food, I definitely saw God today.


5 thoughts on “Holy Sundae

  1. Cindy

    Frito Pie is required roller rink and bowling alley food in Texas. I can’t believe you had this AND a sopapilla all in one day. Two of my favorites.

  2. Cindy

    Congrats to you and Abe on your ten years plus six together anniversary. I would say he has done a stellar job planning this trip.

    Nice to catch up with you today. I’ve been under a rock since my appendectomy last week. Missed my daily dose of The Actors Diet.

  3. Alissa

    Incidentally, the plaza cafe also has good salads…I always get the one that has apples, avocados, green chile, and a bunch of other stuff…not that I would have chosen that over a sopaipilla sundae, though 😉
    AND you went to Chimayo…so cool! Way to go, Abe 🙂

  4. Rosa Capizzi

    Questa notte ti ho sognata, come Detect ive chiamata dei più Importanti ristoranti , non per assaggio, ma per scoprire chi avesse rubato ingredienti ricette specialità. devo dire che eri molto ma molto brava, e anche convincente , ma sai era solo un sogno, e I sogni a volte sembrano reali, come queste foto che tu fai vedere.

  5. Maureen Suttman

    Holy smokes–jackpot score on the desserts. The sopaipilla-sundae-miracle cracked me up! YUMMY!! Love, love, LOVE, New Mexico food!

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