Your Body is a WonderCon

WonderCon was described to me as “Comic-Con Light.” Don’t know if I could handle the real deal – this was already pretty intense!


Everywhere you look, a photo opportunity…


…I stopped the first set of Stormtroopers that walked by. Abe told me this was silly…


…he was right. They’re like seeing pigeons in NYC.


More exciting to witness Wall-E…


…and the new Wii U!


Didn’t get a chance to actually play – the lines were a bit long. Surprisingly, the one to meet Lou Ferrigno wasn’t?!?


Here he is, on a glass…


…so much awesome, geek-y merchandise!!!



I didn’t have time to buy any, or stand on line to say hi to my twitter friend Gene Yang


…it was time for the All Shapes and Sizes Welcome Panel!


The hour flew by – a wonderful discussion about body image and entertainment. Such an inspiring group of women that Leah Cevoli assembled…


…Adrianne Curry, Helenna Santos Levy, Amber Krzys, and Miracle Laurie!


After Batgirl took our picture, I had to snap one with her (and Robin) as well.


Be back later with the day’s eats!



10 thoughts on “Your Body is a WonderCon

  1. Lez

    Oh I’m so glad you had a great time at the event, Lynn! 🙂 I wish I could go to one of these things, but I can always cross my fingers and hope to go one of these days. 😀

  2. Em

    Looks like so much fun! I went to Comic Con with my husband recently, and I think I could have people watched for hours. Congrats on all the really cool things you’re doing!

  3. Amy H

    I really wanted to go to your body image panel, but couldn’t find it on the program. I guess I didn’t look hard enough. I found it later but it was already 45 minutes into it and the room was full to capacity. Is there a recap somewhere? I would love to hear what you guys talked about. Btw, I love your blog.

  4. Jason

    Hi Lynn,

    It was so nice to see you, I’m glad that everyone on the panel gave a unique perspective. I’ll go ahead and be anticlimactic by revealing myself as Robin in your photo!

    I plan to check out your stuff in the next few days. My blog related to fitness is Jason Tagle Fitness (The Lean Lifestyle).

    I admittedly don’t post in it as much anymore, but anyone can find some good info in the archives; my specialty is probably “myth-busting”.


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