Udder Nonsense

Another day recording Crazy Rich Asians – another day of snacks


…you can hear me talk more about those Roasted Chickpeas (plus a whole lot more) on the latest episode of The JV Club.


Getting sick of the sound of my voice…was in the Random House studios from 10:30am – 5pm…


…with a little vegan break in the middle!


No Udder Desserts is a cute n cozy bakery with super friendly service…


…I got their pecan and lemon bars to share with Abe


…udderly delicious.


Back home, a quick salad was thrown together, thanks to some free samples.


Hillshire Farm’s Turkey, on top of Toss and Chopped Spinach + Dried Cranberries


…a quick dressing of Nasoya Vegan Whipped Mayo + TJ’s Peach Salsa + Lime Juice + Seasoning.



Some frozen grapes + persimmon before bed…


…almost a vegan day. Except for that turkey thing.

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7 thoughts on “Udder Nonsense

  1. Monet

    What a cute name for a vegan dessert shop! And those bars looked so good! I admire your ability to record for that long…I would have given up!

  2. Trisha Pahmeier

    Hi Lynn, Thank You sooo much for mentioning No Udder desserts, Inc. in your blog! It was nice meeting you, hope to see you again soon.

  3. Krissy Altmayer

    Except for that Turkey thing…? You are an actor! I do love the No Udder Desserts mention though, so thanks for sharing that!

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