Soda Shoppe

Whenever I have to perform, I prefer snacking over meals. I think this has something to do with 1. Not wanting to feel bloated while working and 2. Having something to look forward to during breaks!


Wednesday morning I munched on a combo of fresh blueberries + Sea Salt Roasted Chickpeas on the way to Random House


…where I hit the office kitchen – they have fresh fruit, lots of bars/crackers, and muffins. Tore into a pack of Keebler Club and Cheddar + a mini Blueberry Muffin.


After a six-hour day of recording, I wanted a DRINK! In the area was DeSoto Pharmacy…



…aka home of Jerry’s Soda Shoppe!


The menu is lovely…


…but I couldn’t pass up this Yelp deal!


Got my ONE DOLLAR treat with Lappert’s Ice Cream (Dates + Caramel Fudge!!!)…


…plus Diet Coke.



Of course, I ate some melon back home. We’ll see if another snacky work day is in store for Thursday!

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6 thoughts on “Soda Shoppe

  1. Nicole

    Oh my God! This all look so delicious, I wish I could eat from every single piece a bit. You know I am trying to lose weight for long time, but had never really have success. In this year I want to lose around 20 pounds, so I am glad that I found your blog, it’s really nice and interesting!

  2. Lisa

    I forgot how I used to love Keebler’s sandwiches. Sad to say that I still have never had an ice cream soda. 🙁

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