Located right next door to M Cafe and All About the Bread is a pizza place called Lucifers.


This is the old Pinkberry stall, and it is teeny tiny…


…so we sat outside.


I asked for a personal size of the Roast Pumpkin and Prosciutto – veganized…


…not realizing that meant extra – in fact, I’m kinda confused. It looks like they charge for REGULAR cheese?


Even with my Scoutmob deal for 1/2 off, this tiny pie came out to be over $10 with a soda…


…which I felt was a bit much.



Wound up eating about 3.5 slices…


…it was good – but honestly, not $20 good.


That’s when I realized…


…they had mistakenly made my order gluten free?!? All the pictures I saw online were of a chewy, doughy crust – no wonder it was so $$$ and mediocre!


Napped the allergy-free pie away the rest of the day, woke up, ate a snack, and went to see the Side Effects, which we enjoyed…


…snuck in a couple Japanese candies – Abe had 1 of the purple guys.


Don’t forget about Daylight Savings today – here’s my movie reminder (screening at The Roxie at the end of the month)!

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  • Lez

    So strange that they charge extra even for regular cheese. And seeing how they charge $3.00 for vegan cheese, at least you got *a lot* of it on your pizza to make up for the price. I actually thought you ordered a white pizza, but it’s just covered in cheese. =X

  • Angela

    Ohhhh…but if you are gluten-free, Lucifer’s is heaven!

  • Chanté

    I pass there once a week and always wonder why they chose the name:( You poor girl, that pizza does not look good! (Refund! Lol)I saw ‘Side Effects’ just a few days ago! Too funny 😉

  • purelymichelle

    oh man that pizza looks amazing!