Women of Letters

Last night I was supposed to have a bunch of ladies over + Abe was supposed to go out. We wound up switching plans; he stayed home to do work (any Lisa Loeb fans for a HuffPostLive segment today?) and I took his tickets to see Susan perform at The Echoplex.


Before Melanie arrived I dug into a few slices of Sunsweet’s Plum Amazin Bread


…which look a lot less vivid after a trip in the toaster oven.


Spread with Tofutti Cream Cheese + Jalapeño Pineapple Jam


…with other purple bites.



Susan was great, of course, but it was also nice to see my fellow college classmate Amanda Palmer perform (had no idea we were taught by the same piano teacher at Wesleyan).

photo copy.JPG

After two stops for pizza (which I did not partake of) I ate my own midnight snack before climbing into bed.



More women reading – episode four of Nice Girls Crew is now up on Vimeo!