Fosters Freeze

I grew up in the land of Dairy Queen. But after some racist treatment at a Florida location in 1998, Blizzards left a bad taste in my mouth. Well, thank goodness my current state, California has the Fosters Freeze chain.  We are in Glendale and really want ice cream.  This is what comes up nearby on Yelp.


I really don’t see the point in cones or cups.  Here, Blizzards (soft serve with mix-ins) they’re called Twisters…


…and come in about a million different flavors, like Peanut Butter and Jelly.


I end up ordering a Junior Size, the one you’re supposed to order when you have kids. It’s a vanilla base with Butterfingers bits that they blend throughout.  And it is truly perfection.


I trade bites with Melanie Maras’ Mint Oreo Twister, also wonderful.  I like my Mint Ice Cream to taste fake and not artisanal.  Like I don’t want it to have fresh herbs in it – sometimes I think it tastes like marijuana!  This flavor is definitely not that.  It’s like a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie.


The Soft Serve Twister keeps me full til pretty late.  When I get home I just have some melon for dinner.


Thank you for bringing soft serve and candy back into my life, Fosters!



7 thoughts on “Fosters Freeze

  1. Lez

    Loooove Soft Serve! 🙂 I grew up eating soft serve ice cream at Jersey Freeze located in Freehold, NJ! Always loved rainbow sprinkles on vanilla. 🙂 Mmmmm!

  2. Cindy

    Did I understand that to be a personal experience in 1998? Assholes can sure ruin wonderful things.

    I live a mile from the only Dairy Queen on this side of town and am well past being recognized as a regular.

  3. Molly

    when i used to go to DQ as a kid i would always get the butterfinger blizzard! they are definitely my favorite! (hate that you experienced racist treatment at one though! people can be so small minded.. it’s pathetic.)

  4. Fredric Delmais

    Sorry about the bad treatment at Florida DQ. Hope you reported the incident since that’s the way to put a stop to bad behavior. Believe all DQ’s are franchised and bad behavior could be a violation of franchise agreement. Growing up in a small town in NJ the only DQ was the social center esp in summer. Melanie is cute. Is she single (asking for a friend)? Told friend I hear she may be trouble!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Yes I reported it back then. The president of DQ apologized and gave me a coupon for a free kiddie meal. Not really a consolation.

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