Fosters Freeze

I grew up in the land of Dairy Queen. But after some racist treatment at a Florida location in 1998, Blizzards left a bad taste in my mouth.


Thank goodness California has Fosters Freeze.



Here, they’re called Twisters


…and come in about a million different flavors.



I had a Junior Size – Butterfinger – and it was perfection.


Traded bites with Melanie’s Mint Oreo, also wonderful.


Kept me full til pretty late – I wound up just eating some melon + miso before bed.


Thank you for bringing soft serve + candy back into my life, Fosters!


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  • allie@sweetpotatobites

    aww i love fosters freeze! i definitely grew up going to them getting a vanilla dipped cone (in chocolate of course).

  • Lez

    Loooove Soft Serve! :) I grew up eating soft serve ice cream at Jersey Freeze located in Freehold, NJ! Always loved rainbow sprinkles on vanilla. :) Mmmmm!

  • Cindy

    Did I understand that to be a personal experience in 1998? Assholes can sure ruin wonderful things.

    I live a mile from the only Dairy Queen on this side of town and am well past being recognized as a regular.

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      yes. they weren’t very nice to me. at all.

  • Molly

    when i used to go to DQ as a kid i would always get the butterfinger blizzard! they are definitely my favorite! (hate that you experienced racist treatment at one though! people can be so small minded.. it’s pathetic.)

  • http://@FredricDelmais Fredric Delmais

    Sorry about the bad treatment at Florida DQ. Hope you reported the incident since that’s the way to put a stop to bad behavior. Believe all DQ’s are franchised and bad behavior could be a violation of franchise agreement. Growing up in a small town in NJ the only DQ was the social center esp in summer. Melanie is cute. Is she single (asking for a friend)? Told friend I hear she may be trouble!

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Yes I reported it back then. The president of DQ apologized and gave me a coupon for a free kiddie meal. Not really a consolation.