Drugstore Cowgirl

The other day I wandered into the brand new Walgreens at Sunset and Vine.


Came in to get some soda and look at the Seasonal Candy…


…and was BLOWN AWAY by the selection.


Aside from the obvious drugstore items, they have their own line of snacks…


…nifty home products…


…a coffee bar…


…to-go items that actually look tasty…




This is Walgreen’s flagship Los Angeles store; I grew up with them on the east coast but have never experienced one like this – it kinda reminded me of my favorite place in the UK – Marks and Spencer. Since it’s open 24 hours, this will be my new go-to spot pre/post Arclight!

  • http://www.cksmetalart.blogspot.com Cindy

    I have never seen such a Walgreens. I might have gone nuts in there.

  • http://www.gochantego.com Chanté

    I never knew there were 24 hr Walgreens until I learned of the one in Burbank!

  • http://www.anutritionisteats.com emily (a nutritionist eats)

    I wandered in after the farmer’s market one day and surprisingly found this amazing cheese from Wisconsin that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I’ll go back for cheese. :)

  • http://www.foodnessgracious.com Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    Wow, not the typical Walgreens I know! This looks pretty good..

  • http://crazylittleworldofmine.blogspot.com Selma

    This is one fancy Walgreens. Gotta leave OC just for that. 😉

  • http://www.wellinla.com erin @WELLinLA

    THANK YOU. Can we please have a more fun experience when going to the drugstore? I will go out of my way to go to Target over CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid here in LA because I want a bright, more fun shopping experience. C’mon drugstores, let’s acknowledge the experience is as important as the products you carry!

  • Lez

    Drugstores are really amping up their game! Duane Reade all over NYC are renovating to look bright and hip, too! O_O;;