A Plum Evening

Sunsweet sent some goodies from their new line of plum-infused baked goods


…these are like mini danish with walnuts!


I had one, warmed up for 20 seconds as they recommended…


…then brought the rest (along with Coconut Brownies) to share at Book Club!


There was also a Chopped Chicken Salad from Artisan Cheese Gallery


…Goat Gouda, Pesto Cheese, and Salami (all from Trader Joe’s, all awesome)…




…Napoleons and Profiteroles from Tashkent + Sprouted Trail Mix from Healthy Batch


…plus Gluten Free Macaroons made from Cacoa Magic <—also available on Healthy Batch!


I had a plateful of everything except the sweets I brought, since I sampled them earlier…


…but I did have a dessert plate, with extra fruit.


Hello, cream.


Last month I had my first relapse in years; happy to report this was just a very cozy evening chilling with my girls – and yes, we actually discussed the book this time!


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3 thoughts on “A Plum Evening

  1. Chelsea

    That Instagram photo of you and Julius is so adorable! My Dad has a Jack Russell, Daisy, who I’ve always called my furry sister. 🙂 Julius’ pink spotty belly reminded me of hers, one of her cutest features! Her birthday is April 1st! The old girl is going to be twelve this year! I just may have to plan a visit home soon for some doggy snuggles of my own. I love my two boxers, but they more just take over whatever they are sitting on. :p
    Also, and absolute congratulations to you on heading back into the lions den and not skipping out on book club this month, not that it seems like your personality to not face the music. ( Two allusions in one sentence? geez!) I know though, as many of us do, how scary it can be to put yourself back into a situation in which you may have previously lost control. However, how wonderful it feels, to celebrate those little triumphs. The moments when you recognise that you are have a good time and allow yourself to Just Be! For me, that’s been the best part of my recovery, when I don’t force it and realize I feel “normal”. Sorry about chattering on like this!

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