Sweet Clementine

Almost every single day, I see food from Clementine – that’s because I follow their Instagram feed and Abe eats there constantly!


This is their new Beverly Hills location, within walking distance of the Huffington Post Live offices. Abe’s folks and I took a little tour, and then walked over for lunch. I began salivating upon arrival.


Salads galore…



…and sweets!



I went straight for the Cinnamon bun – apparently this was its debut.


Plus I stole some of everyone else’s order.


Abe got 3 salads – edamame/broccoli, pasta, and roasted carrots…


David ordered that same green goodness, but with potato + chicken salad.


Wendy got the most beautiful poached eggs, and heart-shaped toast, served with butter and jam.


I had some of that fruit to go with my delicious baked treat…



…plus a plateful of everything else.


I may have to join Abe on his daily trip (or have him bring some home).

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  • http://www.anutritionisteats.com emily (a nutritionist eats)

    I go there a lot because the Century City location is close to my work! I usually get the 3 salads and ALWAYS chicken salad (I love their chicken salad) :)

  • http://jenfoodie.blogspot.com/ Jen (eat, run, love)

    I also go to the Century City one all the time and didn’t realize they were opening a new location! I’m always up for a change of scenery and will definitely make my way over there. Those glazed carrots look sublime- how do they do it?!

  • http://beverlyhills.clementineonline.com/ Clementine

    YAY! Lynn this is great that you did a post about us… and posted it so soon after you left here. Wow! and THANK YOU!! Again, It was so nice to meet you today. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • http://www.wellinla.com erin @WELLinLA

    Yum! Love finding more fast & healthy options in L.A.! Kind of reminds me of Lemonade (maybe it’s a citrus-thing???). xx!