Sixteen Candles

AAAAAH! Eboni Booth is in Los Angeles!!!! We go waaaaay back to NiteStar and NYC days.


Wolfed down some melon before we took a driving tour, stopping by The Grove/The Farmer’s Market for a snack.


I noshed on a baggie from Dylan’s Candy Bar – Chocolate-Covered everything: Banana Chips, Oreos, PB Crunch, Pretzels, and these “Clodhoppers.”



After that sweet treat, I attended a Sweet 16!


Sushi Roku Hollywood opened in 1997, and is celebrating its birthday with this special menu that begins March 1st.


I tried at least two of everything – Albacore Sashimi with Garlic Aioli + Crispy Rice Crackers…


…Spicy Tuna Hanabi atop crispy rice (my favorite)…


…Tuna Avocado Sushi Roll with spicy mayo…


…American Kobe Beef Potsticker with kimchee + soy chili vinegar…


…American Kobe Meatballs with soy mayo + karashi mustard…


…Shishito Peppers, Miso Eggplant (<—so good) + String Beans…


…Tuna Tartare with Caviar + Wasabi Root…


…Steamed Shrimp Dim Sum…


……and Toro Sushi with Shaved Black Truffles.


Everything (but the last one) is under $8 – and there’s a special cocktail menu too.


Back home, more chocolate-covered stuff with frozen grapes.


Did you have a sweet 16? I remember really wanting one. But since my birthday is Xmas Eve, having a big bash wasn’t gonna happen.

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7 thoughts on “Sixteen Candles

  1. Nuria Martín

    Wow, this japanese menu makes my mouth water!! And the photos, like always, really really nice (even the low ligth!!).

  2. Vegyogini

    I didn’t realize they had opened a Dylan’s in LA. How fun!

    My sweet 16 was a backyard picnic party with a bunch of my friends. Simple and sweet, indeed.

  3. Chelsea

    My uncle was married the day after my birthday and I was indeed a bridesmaid! His wife was so sweet though! At the rehearsal, on my birthday she gave me a pretty gift bag with 16 different king-sized candy bars and a note that said “Sixteen sweets for a sweet sixteen.” Oh Memories. 🙂 Then for my seventeenth my friends and I made up for lost time, we had a blast with a roller skating party!

  4. Eboni

    Lynn, so much fun yesterday! Can’t wait for next adventure! And that Sweet Sixteen food looks absolutely amazing, hope it was a blast.

  5. Lindsay

    I did not have a sweet sixteen, somewhere after 12 and my ears were pierced finally, we stopped having tremendous birthdays…I feel like I celebrate them bigger now as an adult! Sweet (maybe sultry) 27 is coming up! Loved all the sushi choices, they look SOO good!

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