Black Cat Bakery

Remember Mani’s on Fairfax? When they closed a few years ago, my heart broke. This afternoon I finally checked out its replacement, Black Cat Bakery and Cafe.


My regular nook…


…today I sat in the main dining room with Leslie and Jenny.


Order at the counter and they bring your food to you….a good potential spot for future Blogger Meetups – figuring out a large group bill can be a real headache!


Definitely intrigued with the baked goods…



…decided to just stick to a sweet entree instead. In fact, we all got breakfast foods!


Leslie’s tofu scramble…


…and Jenny’s omelet.


Their portion sizes seemed pretty small compared to the three huge, fluffy multigrain pancakes I got!




Requested the preserves and used most of those (plus a little maple syrup) to polish off my plate. I’m really not a butter on pancakes/waffles/bread kinda gal.


Still sad Mani’s is gone, but was very happy with my first experience here. FYI – there are a lot of gluten-free and vegan options, plus a parking lot in the back!

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2 thoughts on “Black Cat Bakery

  1. Diana

    Those pancakes look great! I’ve never been much of a butter on my pancakes sort of girl either — when I was little I would be so grossed out by the big melty ball seeping into the center. I always loathed soggy pancakes so would put my syrup on the side to dip the pancakes into rather than pouring it over the top.

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