Black Market Bakery

While at The Camp on Superbowl Sunday, Abe and I checked out a number of the other shops…


…one I fell in love with immediately was Black Market Bakery.


Oh hello there, giant pecan sticky bun.



We were about to eat dinner at Native Foods, so I didn’t order anything…


…but now I’m sorta kicking myself that I didn’t take something to go.


This place is so fun it might be worth a drive down to the O.C. just to visit again!




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  • Marie @ eNourishment

    I love how you always profile so many cool spots in SoCal, a perk of being a reader in LA. This place looks delish! One place that just opened up which I am looking forward to trying and would probably be up your alley is Feed Body and Soul in Venice! :)

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Mmm thank YOU!

  • Sues

    Please deliver that giant pecan sticky bun to me. Thank you very much.

  • Abbe@This is How I Cook

    Love those t-shirts! What a fun place!

  • Sandra’s Easy Cooking

    Oh god that pecan sticky bun look amazing! I love smell of bakeries.