Kitchen 24

The sun finally came out again on Saturday, but I was still feeling under the weather.


Took Julius for a walk and ate the other half of my Grape Nuts concoction, cold…


…then rested myself until a 3pm Blogger/Reader meetup at Kitchen 24.


I chose this place because they have a long-ass Happy Hour…


…but I actually wouldn’t recommend coming with a group, as the bar gets pretty crowded, the waiter service is messy, and the parking situation is annoying. (There is validation, but only for an hour.)


Also, there’s a weird food situation where you can’t get the $5 appetizer deals if you’re sitting in a booth, which we ended up doing.


Still, it was fun – everyone from bloggers to readers to fashion designers! Leslie, Emily, Shelley, Amy, Tim, Megan, and Samantha.


And look – the decor matched my jewelry!


I wound up ordering the cupcake of the day – Cookie Dough…


…it’s VERY HEAVY on the frosting – I’ve never experienced an icing-to-cake ratio like that before!



Back home I dug into a care package delivery, very thoughtfully left on my porch from Christy


…left the bread aside but polished off this entire pint from Doughboys.


FYI – they make a really good Chicken Noodle Soup.


Totally wiped from that little outing! Skipped a Girls Night Dinner and spent the rest of the night recovering in my sick bed.



8 thoughts on “Kitchen 24

  1. Leslie Durso

    Such a fun meet-up! I really enjoyed meeting everyone! And Lynn, I’m going to veganize that cupcake for you 😉 Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Ellen

    Aw, wish I hadn’t missed the gathering! I ended up with not one but two rehearsals…perhaps happy hour at the Well next time? If we did an evening event they have happy hour til nine!

  3. Brigid

    I was so looking forward to going, and I just plain ol’ forgot. I blame my headache in part, but really it’s just my addled brain. I’m glad it was fun!

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