Psycho Travels

After the secret shoot


…I stopped back at The Empire Hotel to meet my Mom for a quick tea date at Ed’s Chowder House.


My mother actually drank coffee (and said it was very strong). So funny that she used to work across the street at The Metropolitan Opera for 35 years, but never once set foot inside.


Then I was back on a plane!


Tried to order this sandwich for dinner, but the credit card machine was broken…


…I was given a lot of Delta’s snack options instead.


Wound up eating a package of Biscoff, Pretzels, and peanuts – plus a Cara Cara that traveled all the way from LA to NY and back again!


Watched (and quite enjoyed) an awards screener of Psycho.


By the time I got home it was pretty late, I was really tired, and am getting sick. Midnight miso helped lull me back a little, as did the melon I ate for breakfast.

photo copy.JPG

A total of 11 flights in 3 months; that trip was particularly psychotic. Here’s some LOCAL weekend events to look forward to – a little Happy Hour on Saturday, and a Cooking Class with Meal and a Spiel – you’re all welcome to attend both!

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6 thoughts on “Psycho Travels

  1. Lindsay

    I hope you feel better Lynn and 11 FLIGHTS in 3 MONTHS?? That is sheer craziness! I can’t believe it has been that many! Enjoy being home, rest, and so glad you and Mama could catch up over a cuppa tea;)

  2. Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating

    I hope you feel better! The secret shoot sounds exciting 🙂 With the hectic of the city, I haven’t been working much – I’m looking forward to summer, when I’ll be in NYC and hopefully get to audition (and work!) a lot more!

  3. Foong Yee

    11 flights in 3 months, you are better than me! I was 10 flights within a month! The last 5 flights like amazing race in the airports! @_@

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