Sunday’s weather was insanity. After filling up on Farmer’s Market samples, I convinced Abe to drive an hour away…


…just for gelato.


Grom is an Italian chain with a few US locations – one of them in Malibu.


We both sampled the flavors we wound up getting…

DSCN0904 DSCN0905

…Coconut and Mint, each packed with Chocolate Chips.


They look like twins, but they tasted very different! Luckily, both were worth the drive. That was some goooood gelato!


Back home I pulled the leftover Guelaguetza tamale out of the freezer…


…and was surprised to see Chicken in it! I guess they gave me one of each – there was definitely some confusion when I ordered it.


Caramel Pecan Dancing Deer + Frozen Grapes followed.



P.S. This opinion article in the Sunday New York Times – “The Secret Ingredient for Success”  was great.

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2 thoughts on “Grom

  1. Lisa

    Oh gosh. You make me more nostalgic of home. I hear you guys had some awesome weather this past weekend. : )

  2. Brigid

    Oh my goodness, GROM! I ate their gelato on my last trip to Italy, and when I discovered there was one in Malibu, I freaked! Ha. The two of us took my little brother when he was in town this past summer. It is incredibly good and authentic.

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