Even before we moved from NYC, Abe and I fell in love with Los Angeles food because of Guelaguetza. Actually, the location we first ate at has since closed. The funny thing is, we now live a short drive from their only remaining restaurant, but are always too caught up in trying new places that we never go. So glad we finally did last night.


Felt like we went on vacation – first, driving through Koreatown, and landing in Oaxaca.


The space is beyond enormous – with a live band…



…and a gift shop selling their famous mole (<—you can buy online)…


…which arrived right away, on top of some chips.


I ate 3/4 of these….


…up until our food arrived – FAST!


Abe ordered the Tlayuda Vegetariana – an imported tortilla with black bean paste, queso fresco, cabbage, shrooms, cactus, avocado, and tomato.


I opted for the Tamales de Dulce o Rajas – sweetened corn dough stuffed with raisins. I thought it came with chicken too, but I didn’t taste any.


I knew one would be enough (plus tamales freeze beautifully) so I put one aside for later and helped myself to one of Abe’s “pizza” slices…


…smothered in 2 salsas.



To be completely honest – the food wasn’t as mind-blowing as we remembered it, but I think that’s because we BOTH made the mistake of not ordering something with their mole (those chips were our favorite part). Our first/last Guelaguetza experience definitely involved their Negro Sauce. Still, the atmosphere was fun, and it made for a super cheap and easy date night…


…with lots of leftovers!

photo copy

Too full for dessert.


Had my own lollipop in the car –  I need advice regarding what kind of sweets to purchase next time?



6 thoughts on “Guelaguetza

  1. Lisa

    You’re talking about the spot on 8th street, right? I grew up in that neighborhood in the 90’s when it used to be a Korean restaurant/plaza. How things change.

  2. Cindy

    Do they have sopapillas? This dessert varies a lot, but will be a fried dough with cinnamon and honey. Have you had it before?

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      i didn’t actually look at the dessert menu (and have never had that before) – next time i’ll check!

  3. Jessica

    I love that restaurant! Have you every tried their horchata with cactus fruit (tuna) juice? Bomb!
    The tamales you ordered translates to “sweet OR chile tamales.” You didn’t taste any chicken because you got the sweet ones.

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