Cafe Stella

Ladies Night at Bar Stella


…I mean Cafe Stella Wine Bar…


…or, Cafe Stella!


Well, whichever one we were at, the part we sat in had food.


I had a piece of bread…


…with the French Onion soup.



It was a little bit cold under that layer of cheese, but the conversation was HOT! Loved hanging with this lively group, who I first met at the Short Cake tasting back in July.


Bay Area – Yes We’re Open is coming to The Roxie on January 30th! Here’s a little clip from when we filmed there.

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  • cecil

    i love onion soup. was craving for it a few weeks ago… now, where can i get some french onion soup after midnight?=(

    nice photos…

  • Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    I had such a good time last night. So glad we were able to meet up. Must do it again soon. XO!

  • purelytwins

    looks like a great night!
    watched the clip -very exciting!