French Women Don’t Get…

…no, you won’t hear me using the “F” word – especially not after my guest post for Move LifeStyle!


But I WAS whisked away to Paris yesterday…


…via Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz – a place I used to visit a lot more often when I first moved to LA. It reminds me of being in Europe (but not dirty punk rock Europe).


We sat outside with the beautiful people…


…my two lovely dates blended right in.



Despite the gorgeous pastries…



…I only craved bread…



…so I ate about half the basket, with jam.


Pretty stuffed from eating so many Meat(cake)balls the night before so all I had before hitting the hay was melon, miso



…plus a buncha grapes.


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5 thoughts on “French Women Don’t Get…

  1. Diane

    If you ever make it over to Paris, France — we’ll be sure you get to try THE best baguette and all sorts of delicious bread.

    Glad you found a spot to take care of those cravings for the time being though! 🙂

    Super cute that you got to catch up with Michelle Krusiec and Jamie Chung! They seem like real fun gals!

  2. Lez

    Loved your article by the way; I’m going to try to avoid using both the F-word and the S-word because I think they’re not necessary to use in our everyday conversations.

    In any case, that bakery looks mighty adorable! 🙂 I’m also jealous that you know Jamie Chung! I was looking at her picture and kept wondering where I had seen her and it finally came to me: Mulan! 🙂

  3. Brigid

    X and I really want to eat at Figarot sometime! He did background work on a show that filmed there once and said it was adorable.

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