July 2012

Breakfast for Dinner

July 14, 2012

Brad and Mayuka had their baby! Haven’t seen them since their shower… …came over to meet the little guy, and brought some Russian Gingerbread. Two for me, with tea for two. Traffic wasn’t horrible, but I was stuck behind this Schmuck. You’d think I’d want some NY deli, but I had a serious craving for […]

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Backstage Books

July 13, 2012

So cool to be featured in the current issue of Backstage! I remember living in NYC, pouring over the Open Casting Calls on the floor of the Barnes and Noble magazine section in Union Square… …now, I frequent Chevalier’s Books (mentioned in the article) – where I’ve been seriously lusting over IQ84 (the latest from […]

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Crazy Train

July 13, 2012

While dropping off donations at Goodwill, I went thrifting! Got a pie pan (I’ve never actually baked one!) and a “new” plate. Last of the yogurt – cake… …and frozen chocolate. Put the Pyrex to work for dinner – Crazy Strata!!! First, a little spray… Chopped up mini buns from TJ’s that were in the […]

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Troop 90210

July 12, 2012

A few weeks ago, Abe and I watched a film so charming, I felt it deserved an entire dedicated post. I actually didn’t grow up watching Troop Beverly Hills, but like every good 80’s movie, it started with a stellar animation sequence… …leading straight into fashions that made me wish I had a time machine. […]

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Slurpee Babushka

July 12, 2012

Did you get your Slurpee on yesterday? I actually tried two of the Lite versions – Pina Colada during a walk with Sheetal… …and while buying some soda/lollipops later, I downed a free cup of Wild Cherry too. We made last-minute dessert plans with Ryan, an old Wesleyan buddy who’s in town. I swung by […]

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