Berlin, CA

Who in the world goes to Germany and doesn’t eat a single sausage?


Even though the picture above may look like I’m still on tour with Edie Sedgwick, I’m very much home in Los Angeles…


…and needed to fulfill a 3-week long craving.


Berlin Currywurst opened their Hollywood location this past week – this one has a beer garden theme…



…we opted to stay indoors, as it was pretty cold n rainy (by LA-standards, not Berlin).




I went with a Bockwurst (veal and pork) on a bun…


…medium heat level made me cough for a while – inhaled too much powder!


We also split an order of Rosemary-Garlic Fritten…


…with onions on top. I think they may have given us the wrong order, though, because there was no garlic/rosemary flavor at all?



Abe got a vegan version, traditional style


…which I had a bite of (and preferred).


The bun-to-sausage ratio was a bit overwhelming. I wound up dousing everything in condiments (ketchup, mustard and mayo) but liked the curry sauce a lot more.


Feeling jet lagged – passed out on the couch around 8pm and woke up around 5 this morning…at least I’m already on east coast time for when I travel over the Holidays???

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  • Satoshi

    Ha ha ha!
    photo which you’re eating hod dog and your comment
    makes me laughing.
    I like it! thanks!
    I’d visit to several places in Germany before and I only could eat was a hod dog and hot wine at a venue of Ski Jumping World Cup.

  • elise

    welcome home btw!!! i was starting to wonder if you were going vegan because you werent doing the meat thing while on tour. were the rest of your band mates vegan?

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Only one, but two others were vegetarian. With all the traveling and the harsh conditions, it was better I wasn’t eating heavy meats anyway…

  • Sabrina @ Living, Learning, Eating

    Curry ketchup and mustard are my favorite German condiments! I’m glad your tour went well!