Walking Wellesley

After a delicious lunch in this architectural marvel


…I was led on a tour around the rest of Wellesley!


More beautiful buildings…





…and nature…



…alumni will be sad to hear that this birch tree fell during Hurricane Sandy…apparently there was a memorial service held for it?!?


Had a lovely time speaking to the AMST 151 class…


…headed to the Science Library afterwards to get a little work done.



Another um…interesting place…


…with stuffed animals (literally)…



We were all chased out with a big scary bomb-shelter-sounding alarm at 7pm! Wasn’t too hungry on the walk back, so I just ate some fruit stashed from my hotel’s complimentary breakfast…


…and granola too.

DSCN4776 DSCN4785

Off to D.C. next! Edie Sedgwick (the band I’m touring Europe with) has a show at La Casa that I won’t be singing in, but will be attending. Come and bop your head with me!

  • Gail Flackett

    I think that Wellesley is one of the loveliest campuses in the country, especially in Spring. There is also a great art museum, the Davis. Did you see that on your tour? Your visit sounds very successful, as I had no doubt.

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Yes we did stop and see the current exhibit. You’d love it Gail!!!

  • Jean

    Hello Lynn,
    Enjoy your trip in Europe ! Among your dates in Germany, you will be in Aachen and Trier : these towns are very close from Belgium. Most famous Belgian chocolates are just waiting you in the other side of the border…

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Ah! Unfortunately I don’t think we have time to cross the border but you never know. Thanks for the tip!!!

  • http://squigglefloey.wordpress.com Floey

    What a gorgeous campus…

  • http://vanillakitchen.blogspot.com vanillasugarblog

    my mom went to Wellesley College (phi beta kappa)
    I remember that campus fondly. All those nature trails too.
    Spent a lot of time there as a small child

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      oh, awesome! i loved seeing all the kids/dogs walking around campus….