Friendship Bracelet

I spent the rest of Wednesday running around and seeing people before I left – Christy, Jeff, Jack Dylan (<;---who's getting so big!) and my cousins Amy and Paul, who gave me this beautiful Good Luck charm for my European tour – a Cruciani bracelet


…which is apparently all the rage in Italy? Maybe the Germans will think I’m Italian!


Back to Hamburger Hamlet XP for a quickie dinner with Sam and John…this time I got the Turkey Burger, and it was really good…


…not anywhere near Umami’s, but I was definitely surprised that it beat The Counter and Go Burger’s versions. Particularly excellent were the Crispy Onions and Zucchini Zircles…



…and the Mesquite Fries…


…a lot of fried food right before bed – hoping it puts me right to sleep for my early flight to Boston!


For those of you in Portland, Daylight Savings is playing at Living Room Theaters for one night only!


Obviously, I won’t be there because I’ll be speaking at Wellesley during that time. See ya back on the East Coast.


3 thoughts on “Friendship Bracelet

  1. Alison

    Cruciani is definitely all the rage in Italy. I was there a few months ago and came home with three of the bracelets. Just about every girl and woman under the age of forty were wearing these bracelets. Interestingly, I traveled in Germany, Italy, and Spain on that trip. I only saw them sold in Italy and only noticed Italians wearing them. (I did, however, notice some knock-offs in Spain). You can also get some cool Cruciani knock-offs. I particularly liked a bracelet with skulls.

    Can’t wait to see your posts about Europe!


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