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November 12, 2012

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An important PSA: Trader Joe’s does not – I repeat, DOES NOT have marshmallows.

But they DO carry two different types of Graham Crackers. I opted for the “Old Fashioned Cinnamon” rather than the “Honey” version and sampled two on the drive back from the market…

…needed these ingredients to make S’mores Brownies – a good-bye gift to the crew of Nice Girls (it’s my last day).

My days with Abe are numbered…we really wanted to have a nice, romantic dinner out but I was too crazy packing for it to happen.

So instead, we wound up trying a new place on Larchmont that I’ve been curious about…

Hamburger Hamlet XP. The “XP” stands for “Express” since this is a simplified menu of the original “Hamburger Hamlet” – a Los Angeles Institution which closed many of its branches in recent years.
Housed in the old Avocado Grill space, it’s pretty much identical to its predecessor…

…only I don’t remember a fireplace (or this many flat-screen televisions).

Me and my boo got cozy in the sole booth…

…and ordered veggie burgers…

…I got a combo, which came with fries and a Diet Coke.

For an extra 90-cents you can upgrade to garlic fries, which is basically infused with Garlic Oil, parsley, and parmesan cheese (<;---take note, vegans - it's not on the menu!)

I wound up eating 3/4 of them, with a little bit of ketchup…

(How perfect for Veteran’s Day!)

…I had low expectations for this place, and have to say that both the food surprised me. Both were solid…

…and quite messy!

Been up since 5:15am to work on Nice Girls Crew 2 – thanks to JB for compiling this photo album of on-set shenanigans!

Hamburger Hamlet Xp on Urbanspoon

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