Sophie’s S’mores

It’s “Sophie’s” last day!

I made my S’mores Brownies for the crew of Nice Girls 2

…just double the recipe and bake for about 75 minutes.

It’s difficult to tell when brownies are done – unlike cakes you want them to be chewy and moist, so the toothpick test doesn’t work. I waited until the top looked done…

…then covered the cracks with an ENTIRE BAG of mini marshmallows.

Keep an eye on them while they broil! I fudged up the first batch and had to retry.

They turned out great though! A really easy option if you find yourself pressed for time and needing to feed a very hungry crew.

I had a huge one for breakfast!

Episode 3 of Nice Girls Crew season 1 is online now!


11 thoughts on “Sophie’s S’mores

  1. Kate

    That looks really good and I’m loving Nice Girls Crew! Your blog has really been helping me, I’ve had my own issues with food for a long time, and lately I have been feeling like I have been eating too much or too late or not enough good stuff and this morning I had some sprouted grain toast, fruit and a smooth and about 7 mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for breakfast… and then I remembered your blog and I thought “no, not beating myself up, I’m just going to have a healthy rest of my day and that’s that” :))

  2. lee

    hi lynn! is there any sort of secret for slicing into these yummy brownies? i made a batch once but could not cut through the sticky marshmallow topping! it was so messy! maybe it’s because i didn’t use mini marshmallows?

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