Between NJ and DC and San Diego and Nice Girls Crew 2, I’m exhausted.

Rolled from breakfast in bed straight into a massage, courtesy of my SDAFF camerawoman/date Melanie

…I highly recommend Cynthia!

Had no idea getting a rub-down first thing in the morning could be so motivating; afterwards Abe helped me tackle a long list of chores…

…and we rewarded ourselves with the rest of that Chocolate PB Pie

…followed by a late afternoon flick!

Since I’m a video game/Disney fan, I figured I’d like Wreck It Ralph

…I had no idea how MUCH I’d love it though. Left the theater feeling pretty pumped, especially when I saw the arcade version in the lobby!

The game is really, really difficult – especially with everyone watching/narrating.

Dinner wasn’t quite as exciting-looking, but it was wonderful…

…an Al Pastor Burrito from Cactus that I meant to eat on set Friday night (but got sidetracked by Felita’s Magnolia Bakery delivery).

Also kinda dull-looking – frozen figs/Raw Chai Super Cookies.

A lot more colorful – The National Film Society also made a video about our weekend in SDAFF. Around 53 seconds in, you’ll see me being a goofball.


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  1. Cindy

    I’ve run out of time (more surgery) and will not get to see Wreck it Ralph at the theater. Bummed about that. Everyone is saying great things about it.

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