Happy Veteran’s Day (and make a wish!)

I can’t believe that in just a few days, I fly to Boston to speak at Wellesley

…and then I’ll be going to Europe with Edie Sedgwick

…and I still have to finish shooting Nice Girls Crew 2!

My mantra for the day: Keep Sunday Simple.

I walked to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market by myself so I could catch up on the phone with my Mom/Brother – it’s the 3rd month since my Dad’s death.  So weird; feels like it’s been longer.

Filled up on lots of samples.  The berries are starting to lose it…

…but the Persimmons are quite wonderful…

…as are all the apples…

…and plums.

Grapes = good = large amount purchased for freezing

Aside from all that fruit, I also noshed on crackers with Domenico’s tapenade

…and pesto.

My most dreaded task awaits…I still haven’t even unpacked from NJ or San Diego!

For any readers in the Washington D.C. area, Edie Sedgwick will have a record release party at La Casa on Friday November 17th.  I won’t be performing with them that night, but I’ll be in the audience – come say hi!  Also, I’d love any suggestions about where I can volunteer an hour or two on Thanksgiving morning in the Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant hood…

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend/Veteran’s Day.


6 thoughts on “11.11

  1. Cindy

    Yay for girl drummers!

    Hard to imagine it has been 3 months already. Seems fast on my end. Interesting how time feels depending on your perspective, huh?

    I bought some fig and ginger jam yesterday. I saw it and smiled thinking “Lynn would be all over this.” 🙂

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