Mad Men Hair and Makeup

Mad Men Hair and Makeup on the set of Nice Girls Crew Season 2.

It is Day 4 of Nice Girls Crew Season 2!  Still feeling not-too-hot, but I will never get sick of “going through the works.” That is what they call doing hair and makeup on set – sitting in the chair and having it done for the first time.  The rest of the day is all touch-ups.  Here’s the amazing Mad Men Hair ‘do Rene Maldonado Cortez decides to do today.

Look at the lift!  You better believe there’s a lot of teasing and hairspray going on under there.

Katie Cordero Barbu is responsible for my makeup.  She brings sweets today!  Mini Orange Cranberry Tea Scones from Trader Joe’s…

…I am bringing some as well – pulling the Peanut Butter Yogurt Oatmeal Bars out of the freezer to share.

Consuming bit of both while rehearsing, with a couple strawberries and tea…

Lunch is from one of my go-to Mexican take-out places – Cactus.

I have two tacos – one pork, the other fish…

…plus cucumbers, rice and beans.

Seconds on the veggies/berries plus some chips/salsa and a mini cupcake from yesterday’s shoot.

Back to work!  You know what that means – more hairspray.  A LOT more hairspray.