Mad Men Magic

Day 4 of Nice Girls Crew Season 2!

Still feeling not-too-hot, but I will never get sick of “going through the works.” Here’s the amazing ‘do Rene did today.

Very Mad Men, non?

Katie’s been responsible for my makeup – she brought sweets today…

…I did as well – pulled the PB Yogurt Oatmeal Bars out of the freezer to share.

A bit of both were consumed while rehearsing, with a couple strawberries and tea…

Lunch was from one of my go-to Mexican take-out places – Cactus.

I had two tacos – one pork, the other fish…

…plus cucumber, rice and beans

Seconds on the veggies/berries plus some chips/salsa and a mini cupcake from yesterday’s shoot.

Back to work!


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