Then After the Show it’s the (After Party)

Thank y’all for the sweet comments about the dress Michelle Hebert designed for me! (More film fest pix can be seen on my Acting Facebook Page.) After the Gala Awards, there was an After Party, and then an AFTER After Party in my hotel. I showed up in my PJ’s, as you can see in the mirror!


Stayed for one Karaoke song, then straight to bed…


Melanie and I left San Diego a bit sleep deprived, but we stopped by Big Kitchen for breakfast first.


Just like at the Gala Dinner, George Takei was across the room (can you see where?!?)


Melanie got a yummy, cheesy omelet with home fries…


…I ordered the French Toast, made from Challah.


We traded bites.


Mine came with a side of melted butter and maple syrup, but I opted for jam as topping instead.




Up the freeway a few hours later, I was reunited with my boys. We all took naps. Pronto.


Can’t tell you how excited I was to get in my PJ’s, enjoy some melon, and watch Clark W. Griswold in anticipation for my upcoming European tour


…but alas, the DVD was cracked (this seems to happen a lot lately with Netflix) so I wound up just memorizing lines and eating more instead…


…Ginger Cookies baked by McKenna, and a super ripe pear that somehow survived our road trip…


…still so dog freaking tired. I can’t believe I start shooting Nice Girls Crew Season 2 tomorrow. The second episode of Season 1 should be online later today, by the way!


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  1. Jose

    The next time you’re in town for SDAFF, jump across the 8 and visit the Waffle Spot. It’s a small hidden breakfast place inside the King Hotel. So good and everything is fresh.
    A pic of my apple and cinnamon waffle this morning.

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