Rock Lobstah

I’ve got a lot of white “rocker” clothes now for the upcoming Edie Sedgwick tour, so my costume last night came together pretty easily – dressed up as my favorite B-52’s song


…and Abe went as my manager!


Around 8pm we headed to a little gathering at the Little Bar


…the place was pretty dark so I didn’t take too many pix…


…but there were roasted nuts, potato chips, Ritz Crackers, Cheez-its, pretzels, and (of course) a ton of candy…


…plus my Ghost Dip, served with Gingersnaps.


I ate many, many rounds that looked like this – 4 or 5? Maybe 6???


Enough to leave me with a total head/stomach ache by 10pm!


Can’t believe it’s already November – where did October go? Daylight Savings opens the Vancouver Asian Film Festival tonight – I had such a great time there last year and wish I could attend, but I’m off to San Diego for THEIR film fest. Tonight (7pm PT) is the Nice Girls Crew Spreecast with Sheetal and Michelle – you can RSVP, or leave a question that we’ll answer on camera!

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