A Melon a Day

It’s no secret. I HATE PACKING.


One thing that helps is listening to my friends – makes me feel like I’m hanging out while being productive. The Creative Life Podcast is run by my karaoke buddy Jenny, and this interview was with my lovely and very knowledgable fellow blogger, Joz.


Ate several handfuls of Caramel Popcorners, plus Dried Apricots around 9…


…very rare that I consume more than 1/2 a melon in 24 hours, but yesterday was a full cantaloupe kinda day!


Plan on eating the other section later, after I continue packing…that’s right, I never finished.


Won’t be going to Philly during my world travels, but just found out “Yes We’re Open” will be!


2 thoughts on “A Melon a Day

  1. Dennis

    I love melons of all kinds. I was lucky and had a friend that grew them and she kept me supplied with them free of charge throughout the Summer.

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