Son of a Gun


I had a little lunch meeting with Ngoc at a place on my “Eat Without Abe” list…


…as you can see from the decor, this is not a vegan-friendly restaurant.


Son of a Gun is related to Animal, another place I’ve dined at with my meat-eating foodie friends…


…the menu focuses mainly on seafood, but they’re also known for this fried chicken sandwich.


I was craving lobster after seeing my friends Quan and Michelle Instagram their vacation in Maine, so we also got their $7 roll.


To give you an idea of how small it was…



…the waitress warned us, though, so we weren’t surprised. In fact, splitting the two dishes turned out to be a perfect-size (and really incredible) lunch.



Besides, I have plenty of cheap, gigantic, deep-fried foods on the horizon – going to the LA County Fair tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Son of a Gun

  1. Diana

    Looooove Son of a Gun! Their fried oyster loaf (incidentally, also very small!) is probably my favorite of their sams! And their chips with pimento dip? Ridic! Best chips ever!

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      i looked for that loaf on the menu! i think i did…maybe i didn’t look hard enough???

      1. Ngoc

        No, definitely no oyster loaf. Trust me, if I had seen it, I would have insisted on ordering it – massive fried chicken sandwich be damned.

        Great seeing you! x

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