Move. Life. Style.

Oh, Jellypop, you’re too good to me!!!

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Not only did they find me the perfect pair of WHITE shoes to perform on tour in Europe…

photo copy

…they also hooked me up with these hot new boots from their fall collection.


Life came calling, so I got moving – straight from San Gabriel Valley over to Beverly Hills, munching on a Granola Coconut Macrobar


Christy was at the hospital for a postpartum-related surgery. Since the baby couldn’t be in the room, I spent a few hours keeping her company.


I brought the latest issue of Oprah, fresh fruit, and some Food Should Taste Good…


…because THIS food? Not.


I taste-tested her matzoh ball soup. It wasn’t horrible, actually.


I also got a part of “The Famous Cedars Sinai Cookie” which is thick, chocolate chip in a cupcake wrapper.


Polished off with the other half of the apple Christy was noshing on…


…her hospital tea, and some sweet potato chips.


It was really wonderful for us to leave together! She’s now safely at home, back with Jeff and 1-week-old Jack Dylan. My experience at Columbia Presbyterian had left a bad taste in my mouth about saying farewell to hospitals.

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Around 9pm I scarfed down a big bowl of grapes and the last two gluten-free brownies


…was supposed to record our 2nd Thick Dumpling Skin Podcast with Lisa, but we were both too drained.


Instead, we chatted on the phone and gushed about being featured in the latest issue of Audrey!


Speaking of magazines, be sure to check out the launch of Move LifeStyle today…


…Editor-in-Chief (and ABC’s Jenn, Leslie, Brooke – to name a few) have incredible taste, so I’ll be visiting daily!


9 thoughts on “Move. Life. Style.

  1. Marie

    I just read up on your latest news – you’re coming to Germany on your tour and better yet: to Berlin!!! That’s so great! Do you think you will have time for a fan meet up? In any case: I am so getting tickets for your Berlin show (and bringing some food-and-music-loving friends as well!).

    Congrats and hopefully see you in November.

  2. Iris Lee

    AH! Love your new boots – they look great on you!! I’m on a shoe-shopping kick myself (just blogged about my steals from Nordstrom Rack). 🙂 Glad you found what you were looking for!

  3. kunj

    i’ve always observed though being a star/a busy person u are always there to help your friends in need. you are truely a wonderful human being Lynn 🙂
    cheers to life n food !

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