The Breakfast and Marriage Club

I’ve changed my mind about the new iO6 Maps – it may just replace my 7-year-old Garmin GPS! For some reason the voice directions only work when you plug in the address manually; can’t figure out how to turn them on when you’ve launched directions via the Yelp App?


At any rate, Siri successfully navigated us to the South Coast Winery bright and early yesterday…


…we were among the first to arrive at Emily and Alex’s post-wedding brunch…


…which meant we were able to dine with the newlyweds before they got bombarded!


Along with fresh fruit…


…there was a selection of baked goods…


…eggs, home fries…


…french toast, sausage and bacon.


I didn’t have any, but near the end was an oatmeal station…


…as well as some sweet wedding leftovers.


Was still digesting our delicious Heirloom LA feast, so I stuck to one plate…


…a little drizzle of syrup, too.


I swear, none of us planned to color-coordinate. I guess that happens once you’re married!


Back in Los Angeles, I was still too full to eat a real dinner. I snacked on grapes instead…


(Peanut Ginger Chews courtesy of Cousin Amy)


…and more candy – Peach Gummies from the wedding.


Speaking of which, look who’s officially in The Husband/Wife Club now!


P.S. Love hearing from all my German readers recently – any in the Czech Republic or Poland???


10 thoughts on “The Breakfast and Marriage Club

  1. Edyta

    i’m a loooong time read (couple of years) and you’re coming to poland? wow, i’m … shocked, yay! 🙂 i live in the north, by the sea, in Gdansk 🙂 i can’t wait now for some details!

  2. erin @WELLinLA

    The accidental color-coordination happens all too often in my household! It’s a fun surprise and just affirms that we’re happily right where we’re meant to be.

    And thank you iPhone for finally doing what my first smartphone – the BB curve! – did 6 years ago! ; )

  3. Lauren

    Haha, this made me LOL because Toly and I always seem to color coordinate without even trying. Sometimes it’s so embarrassing that I make him change so people don’t think we are “that” couple. 🙂

  4. Abby

    Strangely enough, I too am a long-time (albeit silent) reader, currently residing in Gdansk, Poland! An American from the South, currently living in Poland, and always make a point to check out your inspiring and hunger-inducing blog.

  5. Lindsay

    Love that dress and the winery is gorgeous! American, but German roots? And living in Seoul, S. Korea! Comsamnida for an awesome blog;)!

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