Alex Rubens and Emily Chang’s Wedding

The Wedding of Writer Alex Rubens and Actor Emily Chang at Secluded Garden Estate in Temecula, CA.

Abe and I must’ve said it a hundred times last night at Secluded Garden Estate  – “What a great wedding.”  Congrats to Alex Rubens and his wife Emily Chang!


The food was delicious – and there was a lot of it!


To start – a farmers market salad that included goat cheese, and Heirloom LA’s infamous Lasagna Cupcakes.

Pretty full from cocktail hour, so I skipped the bread basket, left a little of my salad, but polished off that entire cheesy amazingness. It was filled with Wild Boar, Mozzarella, and Parm.

Next up, the main course, served family style.



I had a portion of each…

…followed by toasts…


…and sweets!!!


There were Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pies, Chocolate Chip Cookies (with toffee, sea salt) and Susan’s Homemade Candy.  I don’t know who Susan is.  Wedding Cake too, of course!


DSCN0236 DSCN0250



Ate two pieces of cake and all the pies. Filled a bag with treats to take home, too.  I meant to share the desserts with Abe, but that didn’t happen. He did help me sign the Polaroid book though.


Thanks so much to Alex, Emily, and their families for an incredible evening!DSCN0180


9 thoughts on “Alex Rubens and Emily Chang’s Wedding

  1. Teresa Wright

    The Wedding was Beautiful and it did look like so much fun…The photo of you and Abe is simply Adorable! A Wonderful Pic of you both.. You truly are “The Perfect Couple”.. I do believe this is the first photo I’ve seen Abe with no Glasses… 🙂
    Thank you for sharing..The Burlap-ish fabric on the tables has given my inspiration for my Thanksgiving tables.. 🙂

  2. Rosa Capizzi

    Matrimonio , Magnifico.. Tu & Abe, uno Splendore siete una bella coppia,, luogo e menù fantastici, divertimento assicurato , deve essere stato sicuramente Grandioso.

  3. Lindsay

    Hungry hungry from looking at those tasty snapshots! What a lovely wedding, and so glad they served it all family style! It’s our way to eat now after living here in Korea, and now I can’t stop myself from poking those chopsticks onto any plate I wish!

  4. emily chang

    we’re back from our mini-moon, and we love all the details you captured at our wedding! plus, i’m glad to know that SOMEONE went to town on all those desserts because I certainly didn’t get a chance to eat any of them as i was running around 🙁 my biggest regret: missing that blackberry pie!

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