Breakfast at Cafe Gratitude

We introduced Uncle Robert and Aunt Heidi to Cafe Gratitude this morning!


Started off with these kale chips…


…dipped in “ranch dressing.”


Just a couple handfuls for me; I was still pretty full from dinner at Chaya and ordered an “I Am Strong” Smoothie…


Protein Maca malt with bananas, hempseeds, chia, dates, vanilla and coconut milk. I actually preferred the taste of the “I Am Luscious” but the texture was much better (thicker) with this guy.


Everyone else got breakfast entrees – I didn’t eat any but took photos for those of you who are curious!


“I Am Bonita”

IMG_2809 IMG_2811

“I Am Bright Eyed” (no grains in this raw porridge!)


“I Am Delicious”


And dessert – “I Am Rapture” …


…today’s special = Strawberry Shortcake


Everyone enjoyed the food, which means you may see some future visits to Cafe Gratitude’s new Venice location next time we’re visiting Robert/Heidi on the Westside!


7 thoughts on “Breakfast at Cafe Gratitude

  1. erin @WELLinLA

    That strawberry shortcake looks devine! I love the affirmations when ordering – it’s a little silly, but it lightens the conversation!

  2. Mandi

    Hello Lynn! I was planning on checking out Cafe Gratitude in the Berkeley location sometime this week 😀 I was wondering if you had any recommendations for lunch?

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      Not familiar w their menu but all my favorites are the more complex dishes that require more than just kale in a bowl w quinoa and sauce. Love their desserts too!!!

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