Feeding the Soul

I think I’ve found my soul masseuse – Cynthia over at Healing Hands!


1 hour of de-knotted bliss and I was ready to chow. Threw together a very early dinner, since Abe’s working late at Huffington Post Live these days.


Frozen Lima Beans, strawberries, and Parmesan Cheese…


…tossed with Fig Balsamic, Olive Oil, Garlic Gold, S + P


Nightly chat with Morgan/Mom…


…then it was time for dessert!


Gluten-free Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies from Breakaway Bakery that have been sitting in my freezer since mid-June…


…but they’re still delicious!


I had one while adding to my already long to-do list…


…and another after deciding it can all wait. I gave myself the night off.


My alma mater, Wesleyan, recently published my interview with The National Film Society. The second part of that interview came out while I was in the midst of all the stuff with my father so I never announced it – you can read that here.


One thought on “Feeding the Soul

  1. 鄭玲

    I cant stop & keep reading your daily writing, thought live on the opposite side of the earth. I feel so sorry to hear about your father's thing. It let me think my father.I can't believe it had 2 yrs since my father past away.Take care of him after one month with my mother in turn , I faced to my father alone beside the bed in the hospital when he just past away, in that moment my mind is empty. After that , I feel my heart become stronger than before, in fact I am so scared to think about he will leave us.I understand your feeling right now, sometime life is just hard to face it when it must to be. What I can do right now is to love someone who desire for my love, my mother, my brother,… no matter what will happen.( thought still keeping alone ^^).
    Besides, I love your soul desert , I also have my own ~ choco with nuts.The personal soul food can really let me smile from my heart, specially when I have big troubles in my mind. Hope daily life keep fighting and smile form your sweet heart and love and support your show on the screen.

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