Love from Philly

Abe has been crazy with his Huffington Post Live launches TOMORROW) in Los Angeles so this afternoon I had the next best thing – his parents!


Jou Jou Cafe…


…so glad we did! I think this is my new go-to place while my Dad’s in the hospital.


When I lived in NYC, these make-your-own salad places were everywhere. Weirdly, they don’t survive in Los Angeles. The only one I’ve ever been to closed within a year, despite their celebrity connection.


Essentially, you choose your lettuce…


…then toppings…


…and they finely chop/toss it for you.


I got mixed greens, Cajun Chicken, Feta, Carrot, Tomato, Dried Cranberries, Broccoli, and Peas with Balsamic Vinaigrette.



My Aunt/Uncle brought us more fresh veggies from their garden too.


We all shared a beautiful banana bread brought by my mother’s friend Kathleen. Funny, it was actually from Pennsylvania also.



It was really helpful to have both David/Wendy here with us, not only because they’re close family, but because they’re both professional psychotherapists. Every single day has been a roller coaster. Today has been particularly difficult.

I’m putting together a collection of inspirational photos for my father (and myself). If you have any, please email them to actorsdiet(at)

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2 thoughts on “Love from Philly

  1. Emily

    I’m glad you were able to spend time with Abe’s parents. How sweet of them to drive up and visit you!

    I’ve never understood why build your own salad places don’t survive in LA. I love them and, when I’m in NY, they tend to provide the majority of my meals. The west coast needs to get it together! haha

  2. j3nn

    I want a salad place like that in my area SO badly! It’s everything I love about salad bars, minus the scuzzos touching all the food, haha.

    Positive vibes to your dad and your family! <3

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