Garden State

From Newark…


…to nowhere!


Traffic was so horrendous that instead of going to see my Dad at Columbia Presbyterian, we headed straight back to my parents’ home.


Mystery packages were left on the front porch! Like all cultures, the Chinese offer their support and sympathy with food.


That, along with many dishes already in the fridge prepared by family…


…and neighbors…


…plus a few my mother made herself…


…added up to quite the feast at 9pm, with my Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Ken.


I began with just a little bit of my mother’s beef noodle soup…


…and a taste of everything else – from noodles to tofu to bean salad and bitter melon.


Here’s what the Chinese Stewed/Braised Egg (<—Lu Dan – click for the recipe) looks like inside. One of my childhood favorites.


One thing the Chinese DON’T really do is dessert! I cobbled together some for my sweet tooth with a random assortment of pantry goods…


…chocolate biscotti and a few dates…


…then I unearthed a bodega-bought Marble Pound Cake found in the fridge…


…eaten with a few pieces of overripe peaches.


Didn’t sleep so great (woke up 3am LA-time) but I really wanted to accompany my mom to Catholic Mass this morning. Haven’t stepped inside a church since I was a teenager…do all priests wear Birkenstocks now?!? And since this is a daily food blog, I’ll report it – I ingested a Communion wafer + wine, and they’re actually not as terrible as I remember them tasting.


Would like to state for the record – it was NOT me who made us late for the service, but my mother getting sucked down the Facebook hole.


We swung by South Central Station, a cute nearby cafe to pick up breakfast…


…the owner, James, is a total sweetheart – he bakes these “healthy muffins” that my mom adores. I had to go with a bagel, because…well, just look! They don’t do them like this in Los Angeles.


Spread half with PB and Marmalade…


…plus last night’s fruit and a bite of that muffin (<—super delicious, indeed)



Aaaand we’re off to the hospital now – gonna FINALLY see my dad. See you from the ICU!

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14 thoughts on “Garden State

  1. Marie

    Wonderful that you’re blogging again in the midst of all the insanity. Sometimes doing the things we normally do (and enjoy doing) can really help in tough situations. Keep it up – keeping my fingers crossed for you and your whole family! All the best from Berlin.

  2. Tamara

    What lovely foods, everything looks great (especially those eggs!). Hugs and good wishes to you and your family, Lynn. <3

      1. Tamara

        I will! They sure look easy (although those in your pics seem to have been braised with the shells still on?). It’ll give me an excuse to buy star anise. 🙂

  3. Miriam

    Family + familiar food will hopefully be comforting – definitely the best place to be when things are tough. Keeping you all in my thoughts, all the best.

  4. Emily

    So happy that you’re home with your family! Keeping everyone in my thoughts. <3

    That bagel…holy yum. I wish California's bagels were up to par with the rest of the world!

  5. Living, Learning, Eating

    I hope your dad is doing better! And the muffin does look delicious – that’s funny about your mom, my mom doesn’t get facebook at all. I haven’t been to Mass in ages either, it’s just not really my thing. But I do get that it can be comforting!

  6. charlotte_xu

    All the best from Mainland China. LU DAN(the eggs in your picture) is favourite and normal for breakfast here

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