This is my Yogurt Cake, made into loaf-form, with Fresh Strawberries on top!



The only difference – this time I used a mixer…


…brown sugar…


…and added Dark Chocolate.


Before her trip into the darkness – a layer of red jewels…



…took a lot longer to bake – about 70 minutes. I covered her with foil for the last 10…


…then cooled in the pan for 20 before flipping her out.



As you can see, she still sunk in the middle. My cousin Rachel (a professional baker) said this may have to do with the leavening agent, or the fact that I peeked in every 10 minutes during the last half hour to poke a skewer in there…



…still, she’s pretty, and I’m sure she’ll be just as tasty as the last time. I won’t know for a little while though, because she’s getting wrapped and frozen.



Parting is such sweet sorrow.


10 thoughts on “Juliet

  1. joyo

    oh my good lord that looks DELICIOUS!!!! if it didn’t feel like someone’s armpit here, i would totally fire up the oven.

  2. Nuria Martín

    Oh, yes, my cakes also got sunk in the middle during a lot of time!! And yes, I think you and your cousin are completely rigth…. I have also investigated a lot and I have identified diferent causes for it:
    * Container too deep: in this case the upper part of the cake is not at the same temperature than the rest of the cake.
    * Low temperature of the oven or to open the oven during cooking: if the cake receives a hit of cold air (cold in comparison with inside temp), it also goes down.
    * To much oil, butter or fat: the cake is then to heavy and can not grow up. Also the topping can influence!
    * Not enough four or not sifted: the mixture is not able to “fly”
    I take special care about this 4 main elements and my cakes are really much better now!! Hope this could help!!
    I love the poetic name for this lovable cake!! 🙂

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