Guest Blogger: Jennifer Yen

Jennifer Yen is an actress turned beauty mogul!  Aside from starting her own successful skincare line, Pur-lisse, she is a wonderful friend and fellow foodie.  Here’s her all-natural recipe for stunning hair.

 I try to do this once a month but I think it would be better to do this 2 times.  It seems long and tedious but it’s not – and I promise your hair will become healthier!!!

  1. Massage Nettle Leaf into your scalp and leave in for 15-20 minuntes
  2. Mix extra virgin coconut oil and olive oil (50/50), then use a dropper to distribute oil from scalp to ends (make sure hair ends get saturated).
  3. Comb through hair, so the oil mixture is evenly distributed.  Flip your head down and brush your hair from the opposite direction for a change.
  4.  Leave on for a few hours (or even overnight – put a towel on your pillow).
  5. Brew 2 large glasses of green or white tea (to be used later as a final rinse after conditioning.)
  6. Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar.  This will help wash out the oil before shampooing, as well as remove buildup from products.
  7. Use a clarifying or detox shampoo – I like Phillip B and Ojon.
  8. Condition as usual.  Since the scalp has been treated, I would use conditioner only at the hair ends – when you blow dry, there will be more volume.  Rinse as usual with warm (not hot) water.
  9. Final rinse – with white or green tea.  This will make hair smoother, stronger and shinier.
  10. Take fish oil and hair vitamins!

One thought on “Guest Blogger: Jennifer Yen

  1. vanillasugarblog

    I swear by my biotin
    Makes my hair grow!
    About a year ago I finally switched over to sulfate free shampoo.
    My hair is not dry anymore. What a difference.

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