After a relaxing Restorative Yoga class, Melanie hooked me up with some more of that fabulous tea from Singapore


…same color as my tootsie pop.



More green followed – did you know TJ’s carries bags of Shaved Brussels Sprouts now?!?


I marinated the contents with a quick dressing of Fig Balsamic, Stone Ground Mustard, Hot Sauce, S & P…


Majestic Garlic and some of the oil too.


After a few hours…


…toppings were added.


Shaved Parm, Bacony Bits, and Dried Cranberries.


This was really good (and spicy)!



A few stowaways



wedding cookies always make me think of my dear friend Anna – wanted to plug her new Facebook Page for those of you in the Pittsburgh area looking for a truly incredible yoga teacher!

  • Cortney

    Are you kidding me?? Shaved brussels sprouts. How did I not know about this!?!?

    I LOVE brussels sprouts as well as shaved salads so this is awesome. Looks like I am going to TJ sometime this week :-) YUM!

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      i know…i did a double flip in the aisles (in my head)

  • lemontea

    liked the tea, enjoy, a tiny little girl~

  • glidingcalm

    mm that Brussels sprout dish looks delicous! I didn’t know that they made Vegan bacon bits! how neat!!

    I also don’t know if I’ve ever told you this…but I LOVE that you feed yourself with so much tasty food, without a lot of rules…..and that you always feature delicious sweets! 😀 the cookies look stellar!

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      thanks, m’dear!

  • Stacie@ Snaps and Bits

    I’ve been ALL OVER those brussels. One less appliance to clean 😉

  • Sam Bangs

    Loving the new shaved sprouts myself!
    Definitely going to try out your recipe.

    • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet


  • Emily

    I discovered the shaved brussels sprouts last week and fell in love! They make life so much more simple- which is always a good thing, in my opinion. (: