Tying the Knot

Abe’s parents are finally making it legal…after 43 years!

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We met up with the whole gang for breakfast bright and early.



I had half a blueberry chia seed muffin that Wendy (the bride-to-be) baked with a big bowl of fruit…



…plus a piece of Pumpernickel Seed smeared with Labne Kefir Cheese and Alyssa’s Berry Sauce.



We took a short walk before it got too hot…


…and went shopping for tonight’s Rehearsal Dinner.



After Sue’s we stopped by heaven, a.k.a. DiBruno Brothers

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I contemplated grabbing some Capogiro as an afternoon snack, but since we’re eating in just a few hours, I decided on fresh figs instead.



I think it might be time for a nap!


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  • http://www.fitforthesoul.com Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    Wowww 43 years is long! I hope you guys have a great great dayyyy filled with love! And Omgness I just discovered labne kefir cheese and it is simply heavn’ly~

  • k

    Have a Lemon “Wurrter Ice” for me Lynn! My Mum is a Pottstown gal and I used to spend summers in Pennsylvania with my Aunt and Uncle. Now, even after all my years now in California, I still don’t say “water” like most west coasters do. :) Also, you can get the absolute best melons ever from the Amish Farmers. The cantaloupes sound like a coconut when you shake them they”re so juicy! Have fun!

  • http://mealsandmovesblog.com janetha [meals & moves]

    That’s so cool they’ve been together so long without being married! Congrats to them!

  • http://living-learning-eating.blogspot.com Living, Learning, Eating

    Congrats to them! Californians do everything differently, but that’s cool :)

    I just got a callback, I’m sosososososososososo excited and nervous! It’s for tomorrow morning and my heart just won’t calm down! Any callback advice?

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      Don’t worry about booking the job, just have fun and remember its an opportunity to act.

  • http://www.cksmetalart.blogspot.com Cindy

    Happy Abe’s parents made sure they were ready to take the “legal” step. So many couples just rush into this decision.

    Have fun Phillandering.

  • http://www.thevegtress.wordpress.com Emily

    43 years?! Oh my goodness! A huge congratulations to them!
    Have fun in Philly! (:

  • cg

    Um, the woman pushing the stroller… wherever did she get that FABULOUS dress, and how can I acquire one?

    Congrats to Abe’s parents, btw.

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      It’s from Forever 21 years ago!

      • cg

        Oh, you mean when Forever 21 was still selling clothes that were at reasonable lengths? It’s so cute, what a bummer for me.

  • http://www.everydayfoodie.ca Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)

    How cute! Congrats to Abe’s parents :-)

  • http://www.saywhatyouneedtosayblog.com Lauren

    Ahh, so hoping our paths cross tomorrow! :) If not, have an amazing time at the wedding!