Tying the Knot

Abe’s parents are finally making it legal…after 43 years!

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We met up with the whole gang for breakfast bright and early.



I had half a blueberry chia seed muffin that Wendy (the bride-to-be) baked with a big bowl of fruit…



…plus a piece of Pumpernickel Seed smeared with Labne Kefir Cheese and Alyssa’s Berry Sauce.



We took a short walk before it got too hot…


…and went shopping for tonight’s Rehearsal Dinner.



After Sue’s we stopped by heaven, a.k.a. DiBruno Brothers

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I contemplated grabbing some Capogiro as an afternoon snack, but since we’re eating in just a few hours, I decided on fresh figs instead.



I think it might be time for a nap!


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12 thoughts on “Tying the Knot

  1. k

    Have a Lemon “Wurrter Ice” for me Lynn! My Mum is a Pottstown gal and I used to spend summers in Pennsylvania with my Aunt and Uncle. Now, even after all my years now in California, I still don’t say “water” like most west coasters do. 🙂 Also, you can get the absolute best melons ever from the Amish Farmers. The cantaloupes sound like a coconut when you shake them they”re so juicy! Have fun!

  2. Living, Learning, Eating

    Congrats to them! Californians do everything differently, but that’s cool 🙂

    I just got a callback, I’m sosososososososososo excited and nervous! It’s for tomorrow morning and my heart just won’t calm down! Any callback advice?

  3. Cindy

    Happy Abe’s parents made sure they were ready to take the “legal” step. So many couples just rush into this decision.

    Have fun Phillandering.

  4. cg

    Um, the woman pushing the stroller… wherever did she get that FABULOUS dress, and how can I acquire one?

    Congrats to Abe’s parents, btw.

      1. cg

        Oh, you mean when Forever 21 was still selling clothes that were at reasonable lengths? It’s so cute, what a bummer for me.

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