Wheels and Deals

So AAA came, and told me I needed to get new tires. I absolutely adore Melrose Tires and Hubcaps; if you watch the video on their site you’ll see why. They’re fast, affordable, family-owned and friendly. I was there for less than 10 minutes, they cut me an excellent deal, and even offered a slice of watermelon!


None taken, though – was still feeling my seven plates from Book Club, plus I had a Groupon Now massage scheduled at Sogang.



More discounts followed, thanks to Scoutmob and California Vegan!


Picked up a Yellow Curry special for Abe…



…then stole his sides! Well, his salad, for the time being…


…bulked up with some fresh green beans from the Larchmont Farmer’s Market


…trimmed, steamed in the microwave for 2.5 minutes with a few splashes of water…


…shredded carrots, S + P…


…a few dashes of Melinda’s Hot Sauce (<—good stuff)


All together, with the peanut dressing that came with takeout:


After a ride in my purse, this guy was barely recognizable.


(The Elvis Cookie, not the dude on the cover of the Wesleyan Alumni magazine.)



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  • Karen

    Glad that it wasn’t a big hassle for you :)

  • http://lisalaughs.wordpress.com Lisa

    AAA saved my butt so many times! They are a necessity for all L.A. drivers.

  • http://www.sexyflexi.wordpress.com Sam Bangs

    LOVE Melrose Tires!
    Found them on Yelp back in January and wrote my very first review because they were so awesome. Glad it worked out for you!

    • http://www.theactorsdiet.com Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

      yay! they are such a sweet group of guys.

  • Nuria Martin

    I love the titles of your posts! Ja! 😉
    A hollywood actres going to the tires shop? You’re simply great!
    Appetizing salad! I cook many times vegetables steamed in the microwaves since I discovered the “world of silicon cooking tools” in http://www.lekue.es/en/