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When Abe and I first moved to California in 2005, it took some adjusting. Yes, Los Angeles is a major city, but we were coming from New York, where things never stop. Accustomed to eating dessert at midnight, we were shocked that so many places closed right after dinnertime. It was summer, so I looked up frozen yogurt and ice cream places to cool off at. A brand new place had opened in West Hollywood, and it was one of the only options at 9:30pm.

The flagship store on Huntley Drive was pretty empty when we first pulled up. Parking in this residential area was a cinch. We stepped up to the counter, not sure of what to do. Fresh fruit toppings? Asian sweets, like mochi? Fruity Pebbles? Huh? This was very different from our standard NYC options.

But once we had our first cup, we were hooked. We came back every night. I couldn’t stop craving the stuff. We started telling everyone we knew about “This frozen yogurt place that makes frozen yogurt that actually tastes like yogurt. Frozen!” The lines got longer. We started getting parking tickets (ironically, it was my friend from college who wrote that infamous LA Times article about that).

“Saving Face” had just released in theaters, and when I brought my co-star Joan Chen for her very first Pinkberry, someone in the back came out for her picture and signature. When I last had dinner with Joan, she laughed, remembering. Now, we want to be asking for their autograph. The little place on Huntley has long since closed (and so have most of the ones near us, including one on Larchmont!!!) but y’all know what Pinkberry is.

That’s why when I received a special media preview invite a few days ago from the Big Cultures themselves, I cleared my entire schedule. Being amongst the first to try Pinkberry is an honor and a privilege I take seriously. And this time, I get to blog about it!!!!


I may have discovered their product after hours, but now it’s ALL about the morning. This is their breakfast option, with select stores opening at 8 am to serve this brand new no-fat, low sugar Greek Yogurt.


You can choose from their signature menu, or create one of your own.


I started with the Chocolate Berry (Berries, chocolate granola, honey, and shaved milk chocolate)…


…then headed into savory territory.

The Caprese (Basil, Tomato, Olive Oil, Balsamic Glaze)


Cucumber (Cuke, Bell Pepper, Honey, Chili Powder, Somersault)


Pesto (Tomato, Pesto, Olive, Basil Pesto, Somersault)


Mark, who works at the Beverly Drive store, brought me a taste of his creation – Pomegranate, Almonds, and Basil.


Was surprised how much I loved the salty versions – but I wanted to concoct my own.


Pinkberry recently revamped their toppings bar, and there were a lot of options that got my sweet tooth excited!



Decided to get crazy and combined both frozen AND fresh…


…experimented with a taste of Coconut FroYo + Plain Greek, plus Milk Chocolate Crunch + Chocolate Granola:


The combo of smooth, creamy, cold, tart and sweet worked out so well – I decided to try again, with a larger size!


Greek Yogurt base, Salted Caramel Frozen Yogurt…


…Almond Roca, Raspberries, Mango, and Yogurt Chips



It’s not on the menu, but they will do it for you! If you’re in the Boston, DC, or Los Angeles metro areas, take advantage of this perfect summer breakfast. They’re also offering coffee too! Surprisingly, this option is not in NYC yet – guess that’s ONE thing we have that the Big Apple doesn’t.

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11 thoughts on “Pinkberry AM/PM

  1. elise

    isnt it funny how many fro yo places are ALL over nyc…and the weather in CA is so much more fro yo friendly…i wonder why tasti-D hasnt bracnhed out here…but thats really cool that pinkberry is doing greek yogurt now. i have never tried pinkberry oddly enough. guess ill have to check it out!!

  2. Nuria Martin

    Love the intro! Thanks a lot for sharing those precious personal memories…
    Pinkberry with greek yo? We for sure let’s try next time we go to Los Angeles (Luis, my husband, Martina, our precious baby and myself, we are all mad with yo!) 🙂
    Ummmm, good inspiration before go to sleep, “sweet dreams” warranted! THANKS from Bcn! 🙂 Good night!

  3. Cinderella

    Hope that you have a fabulous and very delicious time at the Hotel Bel-Air tomorrow! So hoping you are really pleased.
    Hope you take pictures and write about it – would love to hear your thoughts:)

    Maybe Sophia and you and I can share a meal in Los Angeles sometime this summer!

  4. April

    umm Pinkberry is my favorite frozen yogurt place EVER! so jealous you got to do this 🙂 I will def have to check the breakfasts out!

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