26 Beach

We stopped by Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon for a little pool-side action…

IMG_4629 IMG_4631

…then returned to the sand and ocean for one last meal!


Uncle Robert, Aunt Heidi, and crew returned from their trip. I prepped an appetizer for the travelers – Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Brie.


Sautée a bag of Baby Spinach in EVOO with Garlic Salt…


…mix with some chopped, marinated artichoke hearts + a few heaping tablespoons of Lemon Herb Aioli…



Top with slices of brie, and broil til the cheese is melted…


F.E.D. (Fast | Easy | Delicious)


This is how I ate my two crackers – a thick slather with a cherry (tomato) on top, then folded into a sandwich.



Dinner was takeout from 26 Beach…how appropriate to end our staycation!


They’re known for their burgers, particularly the Sushi ones, which are award-winning.


I ordered the Spicy Tuna – and yes, it is chopped Ahi IN ADDITION to a Beef Patty.


Also piled on there – green onion, ginger, nori, lettuce, tomato, and wasabi-shoyu-mayo.


So weird how something can be so familiar and strange at the same time. It tasted exactly how I wanted it to taste – with an extra dose of AHI-Mazingness!


Massive too – I cut half immediately to save for later.



Bite of their meat lasagna…


…seriously, what CAN’T they do well? Am curious about their other burgers, especially the PB & Jelly one.


Although 26 Beach has amazing-souding desserts, ours was homemade – an Apple Brown Betty Crumble I threw together with leftover muffin crumbs


…plus a fruit salad of cantaloupe, strawberries, and balsamic glaze.



Will have to do a recap recipe – I have a couple thoughts on this one!!!

IMG_4733 IMG_4738

Good to be home, but I think we all miss the beach already.

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13 thoughts on “26 Beach

  1. SkinnyRunner

    i just had ahi last night on a salad so i want to try the burger now but am also scared at the same time. i just went and looked up the menu to learn more bc now im intrigued…

    1. Lynn @ The Actor's Diet Post author

      don’t be scared – it’s amazing (and better the next day, cold). if you try any of the other burgers let me know!

  2. Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan

    When I ate at 26 Beach, I had the sushi burger, too — but I was intrigued by the PB&J burger… so I had to make it at home. Thanks for the shoutout to my recipe. I hope you try it. It’s really, REALLY good.

    Happy summer!

  3. Abbie

    26 Beach is one of my favorite “Girls’ Brunch” spots, but I’ve never been at an appropriate time of day to try the burgers. Are they as good as they say??

  4. Abbie Patterson

    26 Beach is one of our favorite "girls" brunch spots, but I've never been at a time of day that a burger would be appropriate! Are they as good as the rumors?

  5. Angela Serranzana

    WHAT? I have never heard of 26 Beach, but that Sushi Burger is calling to me. Also, I am absolutely making the spinach thing this week. YUM.

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